I'm Simone,

Web Designer & Developer

I’m a passionate and dedicated web designer and WordPress developer located in Italy, Milan. My love for creating intuitive, innovative, and engaging designs has led me to specialize in this field. I have extensive experience in creating websites and applications that not only look great but function as they should.


All in one Design & Programming

The advantage of developing both the graphic design and the programming of a website in WordPress offers a significant benefit: it allows complete control over every aspect of the creation process. This means that the design can be perfectly aligned with the programming, ensuring a website that is consistent in terms of appearance and functionality.


Beyond simple

My work philosophy is based on continuous learning, a strong work ethic, and a constant commitment to quality. I have a deep understanding of user needs and am always looking for new ways to improve their online experience.

Adobe Creative Suite Lover

User-Focused Web Layouts

In web design, the creation of effective layouts is fundamental to ensure a positive user experience. I can design layouts that are appealing, intuitive, and responsive on various platforms, such as desktop and mobile devices.

See some of my latest projects

Through my portfolio, I invite you to discover my dedication to design and see how I’ve transformed concepts into digital experiences.


Feel Free To Reach & Contact me !

Feel free to write me with your details and questions. Please ensure that the information you provide is accurate so that I can get in touch with you and offer a comprehensive response.

Additionally, if you prefer a more interactive discussion, I’m pleased to offer the option of scheduling a video conference using Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams, etc..